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Dawson Falls, Clearwater, BCClearwater, BC, Canada

As the Formula 1 season is on summer break I’m going to blog today about my summer holiday. I loaded up the minivan with my four children and husband and we took off on an epic ten day road trip to the Rocky Mountains and then back home. Our first stop was Clearwater, British Columbia. I mostly chose this destination as it was about a 6 to 7 hour drive from our house (taking the long way through the Fraser Canyon route) so it was far enough away from home to seem like we were away. Plus we’d never been there before so it held an element of adventure.


Budapest, HungaryBudapest,Hungary

Wow, now that was an interesting Formula 1 race. And a lesson in life never to give up until the checkered flag. Hungary is another country I haven’t visited. My mother went years and years ago, and actually stayed in the same hotel as the then Benetton team. She wasn’t impressed (by the F1 team, not the country – she enjoyed herself there). So, let’s see what’s to do in this landlocked Central European country.

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photo credit: _MG_2541 via photopin (license) 

Chilterns, BuckinghamshireNorthants & Bucks, Britain

The last Grand Prix race was at Silverstone in England, bordering Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. My grandparents were from Northants and many of my relatives still live there.  In doing my research for this post, I discovered that the first American President George Washington’s ancestors were also from Northamptonshire. Maybe we were related?

Northamptonshire is called the county of spires and squires because of the number of stately homes and ancient churches. Next time I got to Britain I’m going to spend a little longer exploring this part of my heritage. I looked up the top things to do in the county and the number one result was to go look at llamas.

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“The hills are alive…” Come on, you knew it was coming sometime, might as well get it over with at the start. The Grand Prix of Austria was held last weekend in Spielberg, home of Red Bull Racing. I’ve never been to Austria, but my husband has. So today’s blog is going to follow a slightly different pattern. I’m going to interview him about his time in the country.

Me: How many times have you been to Austria?

Hubs: Twice. Both on ski trips from school.

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Montreal, CanadaMontreal, Canada

We’re still following the Formula 1 races around the world, so this post we’re in Montreal, Canada. And guess what? I used to live here. Okay, it was for less than two years and I was only eight years old so I don’t remember much. Except there was a meadow near where I lived and my friend and I used to collect the caterpillars and watch them turn into Monarch butterflies and then release them. I’m pretty sure that meadow is now a strip mall. My parents and younger brother also lived in Montreal when I was 20 and I visited them there a couple of times so not all my memories are ancient.

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