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Who watched the last Formula 1 race in Shanghai? Not the most thrilling of races but it had its moments. I’ve always wanted to go to China, it’s on my bucket list. So If I had limitless funds, and time, this is what I’d do.

First, I’d walk the Great Wall of China. I know the sections of the wall comprise over 20,000 kms. But I’d like to get away from the crowds, find a section of the wall away from tourists and walk for a few days just enjoying the countryside, the views and to imagine all the history those stones have been part of.

 photo credit: Grande Muralha - Great Wall via photopin (license)




So, following the Formula 1 races, this time we’ll stop in Malaysia. Technically, I could say I was in Malaysia twice. I flew into Kuala Lumpur from Australia, travelled down to Malacca by share-taxi and then went to Singapore. After Singapore, I returned to Malaysia, visiting a small island in the South China Sea. I’m afraid it was so long ago that I can’t remember the name of the island. I do remember taking a rickety old bus from Singapore, then getting on an equally rickety fishing boat (like the ones in the picture) along with several other backpackers and after an hour or so we arrived at the island.

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 Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne, Australia

The new Formula 1 Grand Prix season has started. Anyone else as excited as I am? So, in honour of the Australian Grand Prix, I’m going to blog today about Melbourne.

I only spent five days in Melbourne, three of them so sick I thought I might die. But the other two were great. The problem with Melbourne – the weather. One day it was 30°C, then next 5°C. Evidently this is not an anomaly and often happens. I’m all for spontaneity but that is just insane, and quite probably the cause of my sudden onset near-death.


 Tintagel, Cornwall, UKTintagel, Cornwall, UK

I love castles and I love history. Throw in some mystery and an ancient legend and I’m there. In this case, Tintagel castle in Cornwall. I spent a long weekend with some friends in Cornwall and we stopped there on our way back to London. I have never laughed as much as I did during those three days. Unfortunately, those stories are best told over several glasses of wine so they’ll have to wait until we meet in person. Today, you’ll have to settle for a recounting of my visit to Tintagel Castle, near the Devon/Cornwall border.


Clovelly, DevonClovelly, Devon, UK

I spent a lovely afternoon in Clovelly on the Devon coast. Of course that was many, many years ago. But I sincerely doubt the village has changed much in the intervening years. If you’re a tourist in England looking for a bit of quintessential British past, the kind you see in period pieces produced by the BBC, then Clovelly would be a good place to head to. 

Cars are severely restricted in Clovelly. If you arrive by car and aren’t staying at the hotel, you have to park and then walk down into the village. The walk down’s not bad as long as it’s dry, the cobbles can get slippery when wet. 

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